Content is more important now than it ever was before. Everyone has a blog. Everyone is using content marketing in their strategy. The market is thoroughly saturated, and people are a lot more discerning with what kinds of content they’d like to see. They expect a high standard of quality, especially because they’re tired of seeing junk or clickbait content.

Google knows what people expect and wants to deliver it to them. They ruthlessly perfect their algorithms to detect and hide content that people won’t find useful. Websites face rising expectations, and if you want to be truly successful, the secret resides in perfect SEO copywriting.

A Basic Overview Of SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process by which anything on the internet is made easily accessible or understandable for search engines. The most popular search engine is Google, and they have a near monopoly on the game. An SEO strategy is a plan to hit every criteria Google is looking for.

SEO strategies extend to more than just copywriting. They encompass website design, markups within the text, loading speeds, and even mobile responsiveness. Strictly speaking in terms of content, SEO means incorporating keywords and providing value within the content being presented.

Since the majority of people stumble upon the things they need by searching for them, the content needs to be searchable to people. Searchability comes from SEO keywords. If someone is looking for decent delivery pizza in their area, they might type “best pizza in Tucson AZ”. If you want to intercept searchers, you’ll need to optimize for that keyword. A little research will let you know exactly how people are searching.

A Basic Overview Of Copywriting

Copywriting is a broad term. It can be anywhere from utterly useless to absolutely imperative, depending on the type of copywriting it is. Effective business copywriting is essentially a sales pitch. Sometimes these pitches are heavy handed. Other times, they’re designed to educate and inform a reader while subtly incorporating a call to action.

A copywriter is more than just a writer. Most businesses (or websites) hire a person whose one and only job is to create effective copy. It’s the responsibility of this person to understand what the audience wants and cultivate the right voice to deliver it. A skilled copywriter is an invaluable member of the team that will lead your website to success.

The Art Of SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is when a copywriter who is well versed in Google’s SEO standards creates content that serves two purposes. It gives people what they want and Google what it needs. SEO copywriting is designed around a multitude of factors. It’s structured for easy readability, it contains relevant internal and external links, it provides value to the reader, and it focuses on keywords. SEO copywriting is a complicated, layered, and nuanced process that needs to be done perfectly in order to work correctly.

SEO copywriting is a double edge sword, and if wielded correctly, that sword can slice right through to conversions from both sides. Incorporating relevant keywords into your marketing or sales text will lead people directly from a search engine to a call to action. When properly composed, that call to action comes at the end of an engaging informational piece that will tell visitors everything they need to know to encourage them to make a purchase.

Creating Perfectly Balanced Content

SEO copywriting is a lot more than just copywriting. A multitude of factors need to work in unison to yield strong results. It’s almost like forming the perfect vacation – if you packed all the right things, created an event itinerary, and booked a hotel room, you might feel like you’re set to go. You’re ready to head out, and you discover that you never bought the plane ticket. Nothing will come together unless every element has been tended to.

Content marketing is the most important part of copywriting SEO. Creating useful, shareable content based around what your customers need and desire should always remain your top priority. Second to that comes research, development, and strategizing with your marketing strategy and content plans. Then comes keyword research – knowing what keywords to use and incorporate maximizes the potential of the previous two steps. Lastly is technical SEO, the process by which relevant tags are created within the page.

SEO Copywriting Is A Lot Of Work

An intense amount of effort goes into SEO copywriting. A lot of website owners don’t have the time or the expertise to perfect it on their own. That’s where we come in. As SEO experts here in Tucson, we can handle SEO copywriting on your behalf. You can spend your time overseeing your website and other aspects of your business while we create and implement an SEO plan to help you get the results you deserve. It’s really that simple.