You can spend every dime you have on marketing through other avenues, but one fact will always remain true: the majority of people in Tucson still find what they’re looking for through organic search. People who are ready to buy something will look it up on Google and they’re most likely to investigate only the top handful of results they find. SEO improves your visibility and helps you sell.

SEO is something that evolves on a rapid basis. Google is constantly improving their standards. Even if you had great SEO last year, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to ride the wave for a year longer. Adhering to current standards and implementing a long-term SEO strategy is the key to your continued success.

SEO Keeps Costs Down

If you outsource your SEO to a professional service, you’re less likely to spend a ton of money. The costs don’t fluctuate – it’s more like a normal monthly bill or overhead cost. Unlike fleeting marketing campaigns with advertisements that will disappear, your SEO will continue to work forever. Every layer of saturation built by your SEO strategy will function as a layer of your foundation.

Most marketing methods are like a nice cold drink. You get it when you need it, you chug it, you feel better, and then you have to buy a new one the next time you get thirsty. SEO is like an IV flow – it’s constantly dripping and keeping you going, whether or not you’re running an aggressive ad campaign. The next time you roll a campaign around, you won’t need to try nearly as hard to get the exposure and broaden your audience. It’s already happened and it will continue to happen.

SEO Grabs Mobile Customers

When you’re trying to find something online, do you pull your phone out of your pocket or go get your laptop? Most people pull their phones out of their pockets and Google knows that. That’s why mobile SEO and optimization are necessary to stand out.

Smartphone users are typically in a hurry, and they don’t want to spend an eternity digging around for what they need. People who are curious about the products and services you offer may not know that your website exists. SEO and mobile optimization work together to satisfy both of those things. If they see you in the top of the search results, you just might gain a new customer. Even without running advertisements!

SEO Makes You Competitive

Your ad campaign was awesome. So was your competitor’s. What happens now? If your SEO strategy is better than theirs, you’re going to take over a much larger corner of the market. If you’re above them in search results for your content, products, and services, people are going to find you first. Even if they outspent you in advertising, traffic to your website might still be higher than theirs.

The top 3 positions in Google’s search results are coveted. It’s a huge fight to get there and there’s no way to win that fight without great SEO. You can’t win without playing the game and Google makes all the rules for SEO.

SEO Will Pump Up Your Conversions

Most people do their research before they buy something. If your ad is super enticing but you’re not easy to find online, it makes your website look sketchy. Running a legitimate operation is necessary, but even websites with the strictest of standards may not pass the smell test without proper SEO. If your product or service looks great but you’re hidden on the third page of search results, a lot of people will find that fishy.

With a great SEO strategy comes massive amounts of credibility. You’re establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. People will feel more comfortable spending with you. They’re more likely to recognize you above your competitors. They’re also more likely to stumble upon you – even if they’ve never seen your ads. Great SEO adds multiple routes to your products and services while boosting your clout as the perfect person to purchase them from.

Merely being in the top 3 of the search results can boost traffic by over 100%. With all that new traffic, your prospects improve. Even if you’re only converting 2% of those visitors, that’s a substantial amount of new customers you weren’t reaching before.

I’m Ready To Use SEO in My Digital Marketing!

Upping your SEO game is necessary for your digital marketing and it’s not always easy. A great SEO strategy is practically a full time job. If you can’t do it all on your own, we have great news. SEO already is our full time job, and we can take care of it for you. Just contact Tucson SEO Pros when you’re ready to get started and sit back while your digital marketing yields greater results.