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Tucson Product Photography

For the past 6 years all our photographer has done is product photography for e-commerce full time for a huge company in Tucson.

200 hours a week for six years is over 62,400 hours of product photography experience.

To say she is an expert may be an understatement.

What Makes a Good Product Photographer?

Much of it is the tools at one’s disposal. Light tables, light boxes, light tents, chair mounted sweeps, busts, studio lighting, fisheye lenses, tripods, post processing software, DSLR cameras. These are the tools of the trade that we employ in the craft.

Experience helps also, which we have in spades. 

Raw talent is also a basic necessity for any sort of photography. That artistic eye some us of possess and others don’t. 

How Good Product Photography is an Integral Part of SEO

Not only does one need to make sure the pictures look good, but they also need to be optimized to not slow down server load times.

Much of this is accomplished with photo editing software that not only makes the photos look better, but make them load faster.

Your average camera, with its incredibly high pixel rating, is optimized for printing photos onto high glossy photo paper.

If you try to upload photos to a website at high resolution, it doesn’t go well at all.

We have seen so many website designers skip this part over the years, so they have these wonderful 5000 wide pixel pictures on their website at 300 DPI.

It just drags the load times down horribly.

Newer versions of CMS’, like WordPress, won’t even allow you upload pictures that large. They will either resize them to a still very large 1975 pixels wide or they will prevent them from being uploaded at all.

This is a huge part of SEO is making sure that your pictures are optimized for the web.

We also make sure to strip EXIF data away as well as color profiles and thumbnails. We make sure to save them as JPEG files for faster loading later.

We always recommend using a photo compression plugin for your website, like Smush or ShortPixel. 

Why does this matter to SEO?

 Google is looking for fast loading times. Both search engines and your customers desire a site that loads quickly. You don’t want to lose them, while they are waiting for your site to load. 

For the past three years now, Google has been warning that load times will be a factor in ranking. Starting in 2021, this will be a reality. Many of the tools serious SEO people use to measure load times are now integrating Google’s Lighthouse as a metric into grading overall site performance. Long gone are the days of huge file sizes and not thinking long and hard about using embedded video on a site. 

By hiring Tucson SEO Pros to do your product photography, we will make sure to optimize them for your website as well as give you the original sized pictures, in case you ever wanted to do printed materials. 

Our average turnaround time is a week, but we can accommodate a quicker timeline, should your project require it.  Call or contact us to discuss your project details. 520-485-9942

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