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Facebook is an invaluable marketing tool for many businesses in Tucson.

Is it for every business? 

Yes, every business should have a Facebook page. Yes, you should share new posts and information on it. 

Ask yourself a quick question, though. 

Would you search for your type of business on Facebook? 

Facebook is great for keeping in touch with existing clients and for branding your business. 

At the same time, it isn’t for everyone to spend the amount of time on it that they do. 

Think back 25 years ago when the internet was in its infancy (if you are that old). 

Facebook is the new TV. It’s a wonderful way to sell things to people they didn’t even know they needed or to brand your business. To keep you at the top of mind. 

It is also a powerful tool for influencing opinion. 

It is not great for services that people are already seeking out. 

Very few people are going to Facebook to compare services or to search for them. 

With billions of users spread out across the world, companies have virtually limitless potential on the platform. If you’re not getting the results you’d expect from Facebook, it could be the result of your strategy. The people are there and the ads are being seen, but you may need to retool your attack plan to create customers from Facebook’s user base.

Target Your Efforts

Advertising broadly isn’t maximizing your efforts – it’s a way to spend a lot of money without any guarantee that things will work out the way you’d hoped. If you want everyone who sees your advertisements to become a customer, you’ll need to place a narrow focus on your demographics.

Facebook makes demographic targeting easy, allowing you to nearly laser focus on your target audience. Some platforms limit you to age, sex, and location for demographic targeting. Facebook can incorporate data from what pages or brands users currently interact with, as well as their listed occupations.

Perhaps the best part about Facebook’s advertising interface is that you don’t need to do the hard work. Simply typing in keywords and setting your variables will allow you to create a custom audience list. This means you can run multiple ads, each for different audiences, to achieve the same goal. If your appeal to both millennials and people over the age of 40 for different reasons, you can simultaneously run a campaign designed to target each of them in the way they prefer to receive information.

The narrower you go, the more focused your results will be. Going broader might help you encompass people on the fringe of your demographic, but that’s always a chance you’re taking with your advertising dollars. Facebook incorporates a feature that will tell you how specific or how broad your parameters are, allowing you to adjust your campaign as you see fit. They’ll also tell you how many people make up the pool of your potential reach, so you’ll be able to measure that figure against your results and adjust accordingly.

Selecting The Best Ad Types

Facebook offers a multitude of ad types. Each of them have different advantages and disadvantages, and not all of them will be ideal choices for your business. The ad types you select should largely depend on what you’re trying to promote and to whom you are trying to promote it.

Promoted Posts

Promoted posts are easy – almost anyone can use them. Make a post about the message you’re attempting to get out, include relevant links and images, and pay to promote the post. If you’ve already established a sizeable Facebook audience and are looking to get more conversions out of your existing followers, promoted posts will do wonders for you. They’ll also be shown to people similar to those who already follow you, expanding your audience even further.


Leads get directly to the point. If your conversion goal involves the download of materials, you can offer that download directly through Facebook. Whenever the goal of your advertisement campaign is to generate leads by giving something valuable away for free, you can skip the ambiguous ads and opt for the immediate call to action that these ads make possible.

Homepage Ads

Homepage ads are a simple and traditional kind of ad. They’re great for quick branding or messaging. If you’re offering a discount for Facebook users, people will see it in plain English right on their homepages. If you use these ads for retargeting, they can help you combat cart abandonment by incentivizing purchases with an exclusive coupon code.

Image Carousels

These are perfect for businesses that have trendy products they’d like to share. The carousel creates an interactive experience that works no matter what device the user is browsing with. They’re able to flip through and look at the offerings you’ve selected to promote. They can also be used kind of like a comic book, where each panel reveals another element of a larger story you’re trying to tell with your advertisements.


You’re probably already using video content in your marketing strategy. If you have a video that’s playing well with your demographics, all you need to do is move the action over to Facebook. Videos grab more attention than text or still images, and if they’re done well, they afford viewers the opportunity to learn exactly what you’re all about at a moment’s notice.

As you’re running any of these types of ads, you’ll be able to test to see how well they’re playing. Making adjustments, including dropping a specific ad type, can help you reinforce your efforts. Make sure you’re closely monitoring your engagement throughout the process.

Factor In Your Budget

You need to make significantly more than you’re spending. Customer acquisition costs are important. You may not be able to run your campaign for very long. You may need to make it especially narrow. You may not be able to integrate multiple types of ads.

Facebook integrates budgeting tools that will help you keep a close eye on how much you’re spending, as well as where that money is going. You’ll have the option to work with lifetime budgets or daily budgets. What you choose all depends upon how much you’re willing to spend and how long those advertisement funds need to last.

Facebook’s CPC is wonderful. They’re taking care not to waste your money. Their system will help you optimize spending with little to no intervention. If you need great results on a tight budget, you’ll be able to get them. It all depends on how well you’ve set your targeting in conjunction with the kinds of ads you’ve chosen to implement.

Overwhelmed With All The Variables?

If you’re new to Facebook advertising and you want to make your time, money, and efforts count, you can always hand the job over to us as a part of your overall marketing strategy. 

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