Don’t buy SEO from an agency also representing your competitor.

This might sound like common sense, but believe it or not, most major media companies sign more than one client in the same city and niche. That’s right. Shady as it may sound, an ad agency might work with four different dentists that are all located within the Tucson area, or four plumbers, or four movers, etc. And then try to rank all four of them for the same keywords.

You are probably thinking: How do they decide who gets to be the top banana?

Good question.

At Tucson SEO Pros, we don’t believe this practice is ethical or in our client’s best interest. In most industries, it’s called a conflict of interest, and if a lawyer attempted to represent two competing interests, it’s possible he’d end up disbarred.

Acceptance into our program wins you exclusive rights to the skills of our talented SEO agents. Not only do you buy the rights to our services, but your competitors won’t be able to. When we work for you, we only work for you, and your adversaries become ours as well.

For actual SEO results that translate to real phone calls and increased revenue, it’s time to partner with an SEO provider interested in winning for you exclusively.

If you Google “Tucson SEO” or “SEO Tucson,” the result will offer all the evidence you need: We rank No. 1 for our keywords that matter. If that’s what you want for your business, give us a call and become the only recipient of our services in your niche and area.

We won’t rest until Google recognizes your business is the best and ranks it accordingly. If you’re getting beat by your competitors online (when you know you are better in real life), and if you’re tired of paying for SEO without real results, contact us.

If you qualify for our program, we will set up a free, in-person consultation and outline actionable improvements to implement and increase your online visibility. Our suggestions are free and you have no-obligation to buy anything.

We offer month-to-month contracts because we want to prove ourselves each and every month. If you don’t think your money is well spent, then we wouldn’t want to continue taking it. You run your business based on earning your clients’ respect by attaining results, and that’s who we look to work with: Well respected businesses who need a boost on Google.

Don’t forget. For the most relevant referral, Google “Tucson SEO,” or “SEO Tucson.” Google respects us and they reward us with our #1 ranking. Let’s work together and get your business some actual results.

Ask yourself if this question makes sense to you: If your current SEO provider can’t rank above us in Tucson, how can you expect them to rank you? The biggest lie in marketing is that all SEO is the same. It’s not.

But they sell it to you that way. And then you think that you are buying SEO. You have it covered. You have a guy doing that. And that it will work. But that’s just not true. It won’t work if they do the same thing everyone else is doing.

If you ask 10 SEO companies in Tucson what their process is for getting results, you’ll likely get 10 different answers. Most of it will be broad, vague terminology and they use big words that require a dictionary to decipher. But those salespeople usually don’t know what those terms mean either.

How do you know who is right?

If it were me, I would trust the company that has actually done it themselves, by beating and outranking every other company that offers search engine optimization in Tucson.

We only work with clients we think we can help. If it’s not a good fit, we won’t just take your money – to take your money.

Call us today and we will be happy to meet with you in person. Your initial consultation is complimentary. 520-485-9942.