Outrank Your Competition With Tucson SEO Pro’s 5 Step Process For Increasing Your Free, Organic Ranking 

SEO experts in Tucson agree the internet is without a doubt the most dominant force in 21st-century marketing. Where are you located when people search for your company on Google?

After executing a thorough analysis of your website, the expert team at Tucson SEO Pros customizes a list of high-priority, actionable steps to gain the recognition of Google.

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How Easily is Your Tucson Business Found Online?

The Five Keys to Making a Site Rank


Content Search Engine Optimization

This often entails writing content that is laced with strategically placed, industry-specific keywords. These are the same words that Google scours the web for on its quest to provide relevant answers to a given search query. If your website doesn’t contain the correct keywords, it’s a signal to search engines that your business doesn’t matter. But here’s the catch: If you use too many of the exact same keywords, Google quickly concludes you’re trying too hard, and that your site is “conning” its algorithms, and it punishes you.

Optimal keyword usage includes proper word positioning with a disciplined — but not too rigid — frequency of selected words that are well placed in proper context and proximity to secondary keywords.

When this is done with precision, you will rise in the eyes of Google.
This isn’t magic. And while the content we load on your website appears to be English, we didn’t learn this in a grammar class. Tucson SEO Pros wins the search engine wars by mixing really good math with hard work, time and effort.

How Content Affects Rankings

Google can read how many words there are on a page. If you are using too few words to describe yourself, Google will see it as being “light on content.” You generally want a minimum of 900 words of the page to be taken seriously, and they can’t just be filler. They need to be targeted toward what term you are trying to rank.

Also, content that is informative and highly relevant tends to get more backlinks.

We also strongly believe that simply blogging to check it off as a monthly or weekly to do list item is a waste of time, at best. At worst, unrelated blog entries can actually bring rankings down. With too many non-relevant blog posts, you are diluting your keywords. Blogs should serve to reinforce what the site is about, while also gaining additional profit centers.

If Content is King, Then Backlinks Are The Queen of SEO

Deliberately placed keywords are critical, but all by itself, even high-powered, precisely written content won’t propel you to the top — at least it won’t in competitive environments. Tucson SEO Pros also acquires authoritative, niche relevant backlinks to build the trust of Google.

10 years ago the strategy for backlinks was, “the more the better”. It really didn’t matter if they were relevant or not. Now Google assesses the relevance of the sites tht link to you. Too many unrelated backlinks can actually send you backwards.

We spend countless hours scouring spreadsheets targeting the best backlinks for your business.

Optimal keyword usage includes proper word positioning with a disciplined — but not too rigid — frequency of selected words that are well placed in proper context and proximity to secondary keywords.

When this is done with precision, you will rise in the eyes of Google.

What’s Trust Got To Do With SEO?

Google didn’t get to be Google by believing everything it’s told. The brains behind the curtain at search engines around the world are aware of our services, and others like them. In order to serve their searchers the best selections, search engines look for credibility factors. One of the biggest of these is determined by backlinks, which are links from other sites that are linked to yours. The bigger the credibility of each backlink, the higher level of trust Google places on it.

So even though you wouldn’t jump off a bridge no matter how many of your friends did, Google is programmed to make decisions in exactly that manner. It scans the web to assess how many other internet authorities see your site as important, and from that data, it decides if you’re VIP worthy.

Much of this boils down to industry jargon. Domain Authority, page authority, trust flow citation flow. Tucson SEO Pros has all the tools at our disposal to help small business make profits.

Local Tucson Traffic

Not all clicks are created equally. Tucson SEO Pros focuses on getting you the clicks that are poised to become customers. 80,000 unique visitors a day is all for nothing if 99 percent of them are from Shanghai and Nova Scotia.

Keyword Research Based 

Tucson SEO Pros stays up-to-date on the latest industry-related research to keep you out in front of online marketing trends. We learn about your business, identify the necessary keywords you need to rank highly for, audit your current online situation, make a plan, roll up our sleeves, and then we get to work.

You don’t need to be frustrated by an unsatisfactory Google ranking. Our skilled SEO experts consistently meet the needs of our clients and deliver high-quality SEO services along with real results based on data that we cull from industry standard tools at our disposal. 

What message is your website sending? And what about your social media presence? Are you telling your preferred story to the 98 percent of your prospective new clients who haven’t found you yet?

On Page SEO 

Another part of SEO is a on page technical issues. There are a number of tools online that will spit out a large amount of industry jargon telling you what it believes are your site’s weak points. Many times these tools are correct. Load times, minfication of CSS and Java Script, making sure alt tags are filled in. Making sure all your pages can be crawled. Sometimes these tools are just a way to beat you up over things that are easy fixes. It may sound smart when I say things like, “CSS minification,” but it’s something that can be taken care of with a simple plugin.

Other things are not issues at all. You probably don’t want your blog archives or author pages crawled. Those things can cause duplication and confuse search engines. Things like the newer Bot Verification page WordPress throws up these days can’t be helped. You also probably don’t want your login page crawled.

Yet those online tools will tell you those are issues, when they are not. You need someone who understands what these things mean.

Some Other Things to Consider

Driving internet traffic your way is crucial, but it’s a wasted effort if you fail to convert clicks into appointments, new customers and sales. Invest in a top-notch image that works, or someone else will.

MOBILE RESPONSIVE DESIGN: A website’s appearance on a phone screen has surpassed the importance of its image on a desktop computer. More than half of internet traffic is now done on the go, responsive design is no longer a luxury, it’s a requirement.

Here’s a newsflash: Customer satisfaction isn’t scientific. Repeat clients, referrals, customer loyalty, it all has more to do with your likability than efficiency. Professionals proficient at electronically reaching customers earn exponentially more income than those that don’t. Social media isn’t optional anymore. People expect to see you on their screens, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of the other upstarts. Engagement brings repeat customers and referrals. Do you have time to implement an effective social media campaign? The team at Tucson SEO Pros can take it off your plate.

If your site fails to convert searchers into sales, winning the first page of Google isn’t worth the imaginary paper it isn’t actually printed on. Maybe you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, but you do. Likewise, your potential customers do, too. Is your website presenting a better first impression than your competitors? Whether you like it or not people will judge you by how you look online. That’s just a fact of life in today’s mobile world.

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Hire True Tucson SEO Experts

To be the best, you have to hire the best SEO agency. Winning the SEO battle, driving internet traffic, converting clicks into new customers and increasing revenue is all within your grasp, but you need a serious data driven strategy that will be implemented by dedicated SEO professionals.

The best businesses in Tucson turn to us for measurable results driven by proven strategies and advanced tactics. Tucson SEO Pros helps your business soar up through the search engine rankings.

Our company’s primary goal is to drive traffic to your site. We want you to experience the full benefit of our SEO marketing strategy so you can make more money doing what you are best at. Remember, the more people viewing your site, the higher your chances are of making a sale. More sales mean more profit in your pockets.

PAY PER CLICK (PPC). Online advertising is a viable way to reach your target market. Tucson SEO Pros uses Google AdWords to bring people who are searching for you on the internet to you on a pay per click basis. We place your ads where they will work – at the exact spot people are searching for it, at the exact moment they are searching for it. TV, radio, newspapers, and billboards are fine for what they do, but whatever you do; don’t let those companies run your internet advertising campaign.

CAUTION. Climbing to the top of Mt. Google isn’t easy.

But outranking the competition results in more incoming calls and new clients than anything other than customer referrals – and you can’t buy those.

Be careful when selecting an SEO firm or SEO company in Tucson. Reputable service providers don’t begin by promising outlandish results backed by bogus-sounding guarantees. If someone charges less than $700 per month, hold onto your wallet.

Firms with skilled optimizers trained to implement proven methodologies, like Tucson SEO Pros, understand the value of winning the online image battle. We’ve been there, and we do that daily, which means we have first-hand knowledge of how hard it can be, and how satisfying.

Your business is too important to operate on shortcuts. If you listen to nothing else, please hear this: SEO efforts must be done right, or you’re better off not doing anything. The brains behind Google’s algorithms eventually slam the door on SEO slicksters looking for loopholes, and they punish the perpetrators by pushing them even further down the list. To outrank your competition, turn to Tucson SEO Pros. Go with the premier provider of search engine optimization in the state of Arizona and don’t look back.

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