The cost of SEO in Tucson depends on the category. The amount of competition is what will drive the price. The most expensive local categories will be Plumbing, HVAC, Real Estate, Attorneys, Dentists and Auto Mechanics. If you want to rank city wide for any of these, prepare to pay a substantially higher price to see movement.

Nationally, it will depend on what you’re trying to do. The more products or services you have and the more competition they have, the harder it will be to rank. That naturally drives up the costs because we have to spend more time and money to get it to rank.

If your category is less competitive, it will cost a lot less.

Our pricing starts at $800 per month. If you are any of the categories above, plan on 2-5 times that much monthly.

Why are you so expensive?

The guy down the street told me he would do it for $400 a month. 

That’s fine. First, see if it actually costs $400 a month. Find out what you are getting for it. Usually, there are all kinds of addons that are not included. “Oh, you wanted me to post that to your Facebook page?! That’s an extra charge. That’s social media marketing. Things we include in our pricing that are just common sense, you will pay extra for.

And if it does cost $400 a month, see if it works. Watch your site’s performance in the rankings. Not the flowery and jargon filled reports they send over. I mean, go into an incognito tab and search for your category and see where you come up in the organic section of Google. If your site isn’t coming up higher and higher monthly or if it’s not coming up higher for some of your peripheral services, $400 a month is extremely expensive.

I have seen what some agencies call SEO. Basically, they clean up a bunch of technical issues from your site that they could do in a day and then write you an irrelevant blog post once a month and call it SEO. Or even worse, they build your website and then add in “SEO” as an added on service and do nothing. They don’t even bother to clean up their own technical issues. They may be your friends. They may be in all your networking groups in town, but if your site isn’t ranking in Google for what you do, what are they really doing for you?

Hiring a cheap SEO Company will make you believe SEO doesn’t work

I have seen this happen plenty of times too. Someone knows they need SEO, so they hire the cheapest service they can find. Lo and behold, it doesn’t work and then they think we are the exact same thing. The thought seems to have never occurred that you get what you pay for.

Because someone bought the cheapest possible clothes and they fell apart usually doesn’t mean they should go back to sewing their own. Just because someone brought Harbor Freight tools to the jobsite and they failed, doesn’t mean they go back to their great grandfather’s hand cranked tools.

Why would it be any different with SEO? Because someone sold someone else cheap SEO and then quit answering the phone, doesn’t mean SEO doesn’t work. It means they went with someone who either doesn’t know what they are doing or they don’t care.

The Fallout of Cheap SEO

I have had to have this conversation with many people when they call in looking for help.

You want $400 a month SEO? Okay, but let me be very, very clear what you’re getting. You are getting me to answer my phone when your site is down. I will gladly fix any technical issues that may arise. You want blog posting? Okay, I will use some bot that will scrape the internet for expired articles in your category. I will resurrect that and change the names and phone numbers once a month. I will pay someone one time to fix all your directory listings across the internet. And we will call it SEO. I have seen three companies in town doing that very thing. Basically, you will get another bill every month and call it SEO. Cool?

I hope it is obvious I am being facetious about taking on clients at $400 a month and doing nothing for them. Tucson is too small of a town to take on clients and then have my efforts not work for them. This is how I don’t understand how some of these agencies stay in business. How many people can you have SEO not work for before people quit hiring you?

What you will not get is customized content from American writers that will help you build up new keywords. You will not get targeted backlinks that are highly relevant to your industry. You will not see your site move up. And you will not see any return on your investment.

Cheap SEO is a bill. It’s not a marketing investment that you should expect to see returns on.

How Tucson SEO Pros is different


With Tucson SEO Pros, you get exclusivity. As long as we are working for you, we are not working for your direct competitors. We will only ever have one person in any category that we are working for at a time in the Tucson area. Because if we are working for you and your competitors, who are we really working for?

No Contract

We are not going to make you sign a contract with us. Three years ago when we started, it was standard operating procedure for digital marketing agencies to lock businesses down for 6 months to a year. We changed that.

We invest in your business. Not ours.

Yeah, we cost more than some. We also cost less than others. We keep our overhead costs low by officing out of the house. We don’t need the coolest toys, curved screen monitors, hard wood conference tables and stereo surround for the office.

I am a second generation gig worker and entrepreneur. This idea that you need a beautiful office is obsolete to me. When I see a business that has all those things, I know I am going to be the one paying for them.

No hidden addons

We will include your basic social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google My Business and wherever else you want them. All site maintenance and updates are included in our pricing. Asking your customers, clients and patients for reviews is also included. Optimizing your Google My Business Page is also included in SEO. There is never a separate charge for those. We will be very upfront about what is and isn’t included in our pricing. But once one considers those factors of what is included, we are usually less expensive than any other agency in town.

When you should hire us

If you’re tired of your nice people not ranking your site. If you have bought cheap SEO and have been burned in the past. If you deserve loyalty and quality service from your vendors. If you want a company that reinvests your money into your business, instead of their own.

Value is the reason to go with Tucson SEO Pros for SEO Tucson. Not because we’re cheap.