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You have a beautiful website. It’s great. Your customer or clients love it. What now? In order for your website to rank in search engines, it has to have some type of content. There needs to be a place for keywords to go and reason for links to be exchanged. That’s where copywriting plays an important role.

Any old copy won’t do. Google’s artificial intelligence is borderline scary. They’re able to determine the usefulness of content by “reading it” and evaluating both the context and substance of the information. The quality of the text on your website will ultimately play a significant role in your SEO results.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a broad term that can mean a lot of things. It can be the description of your products or services. It can be your blog posts or sales pages. It’s anything relevant to your business that you want people to read and understand. Good copywriting educates the reader and persuades them to do something. This piece of copywriting is teaching you about copywriting and persuading you to use our copywriting services.

Copywriting is also rich in keywords to make it valuable for search engines. In this case, the keyword is “copywriting.” See what we did there? We shape content meant to rank, but that’s only just the beginning. Your content can be used for so much more, and it pays for itself very quickly.

What is Content Marketing and How Does it Relate to Copywriting?

Content marketing is a strategy to help you grow your business with great copywriting. Content designed to teach people something while maintaining their interest is perfect for content marketing. People share it with others and discuss it. You can use your content as social media posts or customer recruitment tools. You’re selling yourself by demonstrating your value.

This is one of the many hats that strong copy wears. It’s helping you rank with keywords, educating people, creating something shareable, opening up room for conversation in the comments section, and persuading people to make a purchase all at the same time. All of these things work together to make strong copy the equivalent of SEO and marketing magic.

What Are Guest Posts?

An important part of your SEO strategy is obtaining backlinks, or links from other websites that refer to yours. Google uses these backlinks to establish your legitimacy and trustworthiness. If other people are linking to you in a relevant way, then you must deserve some kind of authority in your niche. That’s where guest posts come into play.

Guests posts are a way to get your information onto another website. Guest posts allow you to subtly promote your products or services (with links) in a sea of useful information on someone else’s blog.

Great guest posts require some skill or finesse. If they’re too focused on your product or business, the site you’re submitting them to will regard them as a commercial. They won’t want to post them. If they don’t mention anything relevant to what you do, there’s no sales lead. There’s no opportunity for a link. There’s no value to be derived.

Creating the perfect guest post requires a certain level of skill. You need to be able to skirt the line to achieve the benefits that everyone wants. Our in-house copywriter specializes in crafting valuable guest posts to get your backlinks published all across the internet.

How Much Copywriting Do I Need?

Copywriting allows you to stay relevant. Semi-frequent blog updates and guest posts will continuously add value to your website while improving your SEO. How much copywriting you need depends on the nature of your business and the scope of your goals. It also depends on the quality of the copy.

Two well-written blog posts per week is usually adequate. They keep your website active and give you a way to demonstrate value to your potential customers and clients. They can also be shared on social media to keep your outreach efforts active.

The best strategy is one that is custom tailored to your goals. We’ll work with you to create a custom content strategy for your needs.

What Industries Do You Serve?

Our in-house copywriter (who is currently tooting her own horn in the third person) has eight years of experience developing every kind of copy for businesses in a wide array of industries.

  • Lawyers, legal services, and criminal defense
  • Massage therapy
  • Manicures, pedicures, and day spa services
  • Cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics
  • Men’s grooming products
  • Luxury cosmetics and fragrances
  • Skincare and haircare
  • Plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and construction
  • CBD products
  • Holistic, complementary, and supplementary healthcare
  • Pet care
  • Real estate, short sale, and home renovation
  • Financial services and cryptocurrency
  • Furniture, interior decorating, and home décor
  • Landscaping and swimming pools
  • Dental care and oral health products
  • Prosthetists and orthotists
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Cybersecurity and information technology
  • Specialty software and apps

In short, it doesn’t really matter what industry you’re in. Our copywriter loves to master new material and create comprehensive and informative pieces that describe the benefits of your product or service to anyone curious about making a purchase.

Comprehensive research allows us to better understand the competitors you’re attempting to rise above. When we know how your industry works, we know what makes your business unique. We understand how to capitalize on your strengths and express the advantages of choosing you. Our goal at Tucson SEO pros will always be to master your industry. This knowledge is what allows us to shape content meant to rank.

Working with Tucson SEO Pros

Just let us know when you’d like to get started. We’re always ready. If you want to talk shop, give us a call at 520-485-9942 or drop us a line via our contact form. We’re here to answer any questions you have about SEO, copywriting, website design, and digital strategies to help you grow your business. Building a strong SEO foundation is a process that takes time. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll achieve the results you need.

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