If you don’t know much about content marketing, you’re probably confused about all of the hype. Why is it a huge deal? Why do you need it? If you’re not well versed in the ways of content marketing and you aren’t currently using an effective strategy, it’s time to get started.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of becoming an expert through useful resources. Google prefers original, useful content above anything else you could possibly share on your website. They’ll prioritize it in their search engine, helping you increase your organic traffic.

The most important thing about content marketing is the value you’re providing. People learn from you, and use what you’re offering for free. This builds a relationship of trust between your website and the people who interact with your content. They’ll come back to you when they’re ready to make a purchase, and they might even encourage their friends with similar needs to explore your content.

This essentially makes content marketing an expanded and more effective method of word of mouth marketing in conjunction with free samples. People will be able to thoroughly understand the value you provide and use it to improve their lives in some small way. That’s how content marketing can easily become an invaluable part of your strategy to gain customers.

How Does Content Marketing Differ From Regular Copywriting?

Both copywriting and content marketing are essential to creating a strong foundation for your business or website. They work together to create a complete package that provides value and draws interest across a wide spectrum.

Content marketing integrates several vehicles for content, like social media platforms, blogs, and even more complex and engaging delivery methods like videos and podcasts. Copywriting typically encompasses sales or general text on your landing page, promotional posts that capture the interest of the reader, and business elements of your mailing list.

Fusion and consistency between content marketing and copywriting is essential. If you aren’t properly and effectively blending them both together, it’s like fishing with nothing but your line. You need both the hook (copywriting) and the bait (content marketing) to catch those customers and reel them in. They’re co-equal parts of the process, requiring you to develop perfect harmony.

What Is The Goal Of Content Marketing?

Content marketing can help you accomplish a wide variety of goals. Several of them exist within the realm of search engine optimization, which is of crucial importance when you want a potential customer to find you before they’ve found your biggest competitors.

Content marketing will also establish your authority in your niche. It’s a branding opportunity that you can create and succeed at nearly instantaneously. Since content is easily able to be targeted at your ideal audience, leads can potentially flood in. These leads can come not only from people who are already engaged with your brand, but from people who discover it specifically through concerted content marketing efforts.

From A Search Engine Optimization Standpoint

When Google’s algorithm is determining where you’ll rank, they’re seeking a complex set of criteria. Original content, especially when that content is valuable, is one of the most prioritized criteria on that list. They’re constantly in the process of weeding out and burying what they perceive to be junk, and effective content marketing can help you rise above that junk.

You can maintain your lead through consistent content creation. Nashville SEO Expert, Andrew Ansley chimed in and added, “It’s important to not only be consistent with your content creation, but you need to prioritize quality over quantity. If you regularly update and maintain a high standard, you aren’t likely to be knocked from the position you’ve achieved. If you keep going at regular pace (and maintain Google’s other criteria), you might even overtake the very top spot.”

Your presence at the top of the search results will help you receive more organic visitors. Any organic visitors you get will maximize your potential. You never know if those organic visitors were searching for a specific term because they were looking to make a purchase. That’s a customer you grabbed without even trying.

For Boosting Sales

Trust, brand recognition, and targeting form a synergistic pathway to boosting sales. Content marketing allows you to saturate your target audience with value and knowledge. The more they see your valuable branded content, the stronger their bond to your brand will become. If they need what you have to offer, you’re going to be the first thing that pops into their minds when they’re ready to purchase something.

Oftentimes, people will come specifically for the content and stay for the product. If you regularly create and share useful content that appeals to your target audience, they’ll keep coming back. When you follow up their visits with strong emails, you’re increasing the potential of turning even the most stubborn reader into a loyal purchaser.

Developing A Content Marketing Strategy

When you go in without a plan, it’s practically a miracle to get the results you want. That’s why it’s important to structure a content marketing strategy. It all starts with knowing exactly what you’re attempting to accomplish – content marketing strategies without a specific goal are often too broad to be effective.

Develop your strategy around a single event. Do you have a sale coming up, or a new product or service that you want to be widely received as soon as it launches? Focus on a single goal to strengthen your efforts.

Then, create a content plan. What do you want to share? What is the voice that appeals most to your audience? How do they prefer to receive their information? Package everything up nicely for the people you want to deliver it to.

Once you’ve started content marketing, you need to measure your results. The engagement is important. How many people are you converting? Are you seeing less success through certain avenues? Collecting that data and applying it will allow you to maximize the reach and efficiency of your content marketing strategy.

Does This Seem Like Too Much Work?

If you’re hard at work managing other areas of your business, we can take over the content marketing for you.  We’re well versed in the subtle nuances of the process, and we can help you see the results you deserve. All you need to do is give us a call or drop us a quick message though our contact form, and we’ll be able to help you create an ingenious content marketing strategy for you.

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