Everyone is glued to a screen these days. If your small business isn’t easy to find on that screen, how are you going to get customers? Using SEO marketing strategies for your business will help people find you and become lifelong customers. If you aren’t already using SEO in marketing, you’re long overdue on getting the ball rolling.

What Is SEO?

SEO isn’t just one thing – it’s a combination of a lot of things. All of the copy on your website, your blog articles, the way your website is arranged, the amount of links you’ve built and exchanged, the information people find when they search for you, and even the mobile optimization of your website are all under the giant umbrella of SEO.

There are many facets to a strong SEO strategy, and for optimal results, all of the criteria need to be satisfied. Depending on the type of website or business you’re attempting to implement your SEO strategy for, the criteria might be a little different.

Small businesses need to focus on their website, the content they create, the way they market that content, optimizing their websites, obtaining credibility, and most importantly, their local SEO. Local SEO helps small businesses stand out above their direct competitors in a smaller market. It could be the reason why someone using organic search to meet their needs chooses to go with you, rather than the other guys.

Do I Need SEO?

Yes, you do need SEO if you’re looking to extend your marketing efforts. Most businesses will find that SEO provides solutions to a lot of the issues, questions, or problems that arise in the marketing arena. SEO isn’t always feasible for every small business, and you’ll need to consider your limitations and constraints before you embark on an SEO venture.

Your Budget

If you’re trying to overtake a competitor who is dominating your area, you’re going to need a sizeable budget. They’ve already established themselves everywhere, especially on the internet, and it’s going to take a lot of resources on your part if your goal is to knock them down a few pegs.

Your Keywords

If you’re optimizing for a popular search term, particularly if that term is nowhere near new (think “book store” or “day spa”), competition can be a nightmare. It might be easier to compete on a local level, but on a national level, you can expect to spend a lot.

Your Timeframe

SEO doesn’t work overnight. It’s not an instantaneous process. If you’re looking for something that will deliver quick results, that’s not going to happen for you with SEO. You’ll need to establish a foundation and consistently work towards great SEO in order to see the results you want later on down the road.

SEO may not turn out to be a quick fix that changes everything for your small business, but starting as soon as possible can get you on the right track. SEO is more like planting seeds to grow a huge garden, rather than going to a produce stand and grabbing exactly what you need in the moment. Implementing SEO to any degree is advisable, even if you don’t go all out on your first shot.

How Do I Find Someone To Handle My SEO?

SEO is virtually a full time job. If you’re running your business from a physical location, SEO is essentially doing the same thing in a virtual sense. This is why so many businesses outsource SEO to a reputable provider. If you want to hire someone to carry the torch for you, there’s a few things you’ll want to know before you start working together.

What Guidelines They Follow

There are different kinds of SEO, and some of them won’t actually do you any favors. Shady SEO companies can charge people for services that will ultimately get them penalized by Google. If they aren’t working with Google’s algorithm and following their Webmaster Guidelines, any results they deliver aren’t worth your time.

How They Measure And Report Results

This is a multipart question. How are they sure what they’re doing is working, and how will they demonstrate that to you? SEO has a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. You need transparency.

What Aspects They Focus On

Not all SEO companies focus on every layer of the SEO cake. Some primarily build links, while others specialize in content marketing. You’re getting a better deal if you opt for a provider who can provide a well-rounded, all-encompassing service.

Can I Do It Myself?

You can do SEO yourself, but expect some sleepless nights. You’ll need to register your website with major search engines, conduct research on keywords, organize and target those keywords, optimize your page descriptions and titles, create content, and network with partners in order to build valuable links. The internet is full of helpful SEO newbie guides that can walk you through it.

Can You Help Me?

You’re great at running your business, but SEO is an entirely different mountain to climb. Our business is SEO and that’s exactly how we can help you. If you want to explore SEO options and solutions for your small business, call us. If you’re busy at the moment, use our contact form. We’d be delighted to do the heavy lifting for you.