Why do we put so much emphasis on each of our client’s to have a quality, professionally done website?

If you own a business and notice that your website is not generating enough traffic or that your online presence is steadily weakening, then it’s time to call in the pros – Tucson SEO Pros.

We are in the business of website development and we have made sure to only use website design experts and professionals. This ensures that only the best people in the industry will help you create a website that will bring success to your business.

Here’s what you should know about Tucson SEO Pros and our mission to bring quality website design to every business: we believe that in today’s world, a well optimized website can increase traffic. That traffic can lead to more sales.

So, if you want your business to actually have a chance in the dog-eat-dog world of business today, you have to understand why website design with quality SEO matters.

Basically, there are six popular kinds of layout for website design: static page, dynamic website, fixed design, responsive design, liquid or fluid design, and single-page design.

Creative Website Design Options

1: Static Page Layout

The static page layout has a fixed width, and it does not change even when you change browsers, especially when the site is viewed on a mobile device. That’s the weakness of a static page layout. The fact that it cannot be viewed comfortably on a mobile device makes people adverse to it. Generally, though, static page websites load faster and are inexpensive.

2: Dynamic Website Design

A dynamic website design can either be simple or complex, depending on the needs of the customers. When it comes to a dynamic website layout, it is the customer who will design the website through JavaScript, .net, .php, open source, etc. Customers who choose these will only need to pay an annual fee for the domain name. You can also manage content using a CMS.

3: Fixed Design

Like in static layout, a fixed design has a fixed width. Even the components of the website have a percentage or fixed widths. When the browser through which you are viewing the website is distended or reduced, there is a strong possibility that a fixed design will not visually fall together. These websites are designed assuming that everyone browses on a 1024×768 screen. Obviously, not everyone views your website from the same screen size, so this is not what’s ideal.

4: Responsive Design

The responsive design is the most practical to use nowadays because people use different browsers to view a website. This makes it easier for a site’s visitors to navigate through the website, no matter if they are on their laptops, phones, or tablets. Websites with this layout are designed to display different content, depending on the device from which they are being viewed from.

5: Fluid Design

Another practical web design layout is the liquid or fluid design. A website like this spreads itself out to fill the width of the screen. It works fine with different websites, but often has the impression of looking enlarged or shrunk.

6: Single Page Layout

Here at Tucson SEO Pros, we have noticed that there is an immense interest in single-page layout. These are well-designed websites that are compatible with most browsers. Web visitors find these easier to navigate because they fit on the screen well and all information can be found on a single page.

So give us a call. We’ll be more than glad to help you improve your online image.