Everyone and their grandmother is online in Tucson now. Businesses can’t succeed without the internet, and virtually every consumer uses it. Back when businesses in Tucson were slowly evolving to focus on their online presence, SEO was a simpler process. Now that competition is so high, SEO has drastically changed. Backlinks and metadata are great, but a comprehensive SEO strategy that will take you to the top is a little more effort intensive.

Site Speed

Having a slow site is a giant barrier to your success. It doesn’t matter if your website is full of amazing content, products, and services that people from all over the world would enjoy. If it’s going to take everything a little while to load, most search engines aren’t interested. Their priority is to provide people with the answers they need in as little time as possible. If your competitor is going to get it to them faster, your competitor will be suggested first. Take measures to optimize your page speed – it’s the only way to come out on top.

Mobile Optimization

Did you know that the majority of traffic to your website is likely from smartphones? If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, most of the people who visit your site probably can’t use it. This is a huge problem to search engines. They don’t want to send people to a website that won’t effectively answer their questions or provide a solution. You should be constantly testing your website to improve ease of use of smartphones.

Useful Content

In the past, websites used to generate a ton of junk content just to fill space and utilize keywords. The whole thing was a disaster, and people noticed that the content they were stumbling upon was complete garbage. Search engines cracked down. If your content isn’t genuinely useful, it will basically be regarded as spam. Another major upside to useful content is that readers are more likely to share it with their friends, extending your marketing reach and scoring you some free visibility. You can’t go wrong by being helpful.

Google still looks at keywords, but it looks at them through a different lens. Keyword frequency, synonyms, and relationships are more important than ever. Google is searching your content for every answer, as well as the full question that people are asking. Saying the same thing in a number of different ways will help you address keyword variants and provide useful answers.

Establishing Authority

A website without authority is like a country that doesn’t participate in the United Nations. It’s remote, unknown, unaccounted for, and it doesn’t participate in the larger community it belongs to. It’s hard to trust a remote island as an authority, and you don’t want your website to be that remote island.
Build authority by exchanging link with websites that are relevant to yours. Getting your link in high places is a far more effective strategy than getting your link wherever you can. Low quality backlinks are practically disregarded.

Focusing on internal links is important and easy, since it’s entirely within your control. The more internal links you have, the easier your site is to navigate. Internal links may also help improve bounce rates, because it’s easy to send visitors on a short voyage through your products, services, and content.

Keep Website Visitors Around

There’s a lot of information about your website that Google can’t use, even if they can see it or monitor your metrics for you. The data you see is not the data Google uses, but there are a lot of parallels between the two. While having a high bounce rate is bad (and should be fixed), it’s not the bounce rate itself that sounds Google’s alarms.

Your clickthrough rates and abandonment rates, as well as your session success rate, determine the performance of your website. If you want to rank high, you need to make sure these rates are as optimized as possible. Encourage people to stay and do something on your website. Boost conversions and keep them busy. The longer they stay, the better you look.

Ease Of Searchability

Google isn’t just looking for information – it also needs the context for that information in order to assure that searchers are being provided with the results they’re looking for. If you aren’t using the right data to back up your content, Google might not even know what it is.

Making yourself easily searchable starts with Schema markup information. Any time you display relevant data or answers on your website, make sure that it’s organized. Visual infographics aren’t searchable, but information placed in tables or well-organized articles will give Google something to work with.

Need Some SEO Help In Tucson?

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