Many people in Tucson rely on search engines to find information, products and services. As an online advertiser, you have probably wished you were one of the top ranked results on Google’s search engine results pages. Your competitors have most likely used SEO for the purposes of gaining those top spots where Google searches and the industry you are in is concerned. But you can overtake them mainly because SEO has many facets. Some of the different paths you can use to overtake your competition include:

Content Marketing

Content is the fuel where your SEO campaign is concerned, which is why it needs to be top-notch. This is mainly because Google evaluates the nature, relevance and quality of your on-site content for the purposes of categorizing and establishing your site’s authority. In addition to that, adding more content will work at building that authority. More content basically means that Google will have more pages to index, which is why it’s important to get content that is well researched, high quality and original to add on to your site’s authority. Doing more research together with incorporating original topics will enable you drive a better campaign. In addition to that, publishing as often as possible, will eventually place you ahead of your competitors.

Using Social Media

Since quality is considered important especially when it comes to link building, quantity does come into play at some point. This is because having more links from different domains will make your site look better in Google’s eyes. Time and strategy are required to build hundreds of links on different domains so taking a shortcut that allows your social media followers to do it for you is smart! Consider posting your best content on all social media platforms and use personal brands together with influencers to spread it even further. When your targeted audience sees the content and the value in it, they will most likely link to it and in the event that it goes viral, all those links will be pointed to your site.

Getting Better Inbound Links

Link building is considered a necessary strategy where SEO is concerned and there are a number of ways you can earn and build links. One of the best ways is through guest posting that allows you to publish content on external blogs or websites. When you build links this way, the value of them is basically proportional to the domain’s authority you are linking from. A post from a higher authority like a nationally recognized publisher is more valuable than a new unrecognized blogger. When you earn more authority, you will also enjoy a higher boost in rankings.

Targeting Alternative Niche Keywords

Targeting alternative keywords that are specific to your industry is important, especially regarding different offers, products or services. An example of this is if your competitor frequently pops up with “solar panel”, then you could consider targeting more niche keywords such as “monocrystalline solar panels”. This might reduce the number of potential visitors and viewers to your site but ultimately you will emerge a winner since this will result in converting traffic that is higher quality. Consider the above mentioned ways for your SEO strategy in Tucson and you can overtake your competition in no time!

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