Google makes a lot of changes. They’re constantly trying to find the best way to optimize search results for people who need answers. Since everyone is scrambling to climb to the top, many websites have a tendency to cut corners and provide lesser quality to searchers. That’s why Google rolls out updates, including the E-A-T update, that change the way that people find information.

How Google’s Updates Change Everything

Google is always rolling out updates that massively change the way SEO works. People who are responsible for maintaining a website’s SEO status usually clench their fists every time an update happens. It’s sometimes necessary to make massive changes in order to avoid being adversely affected by the core algorithm update.

Updates are designed to hold websites accountable, and they often target larger industries. Google’s Pirate update, for example, affected sites that hosted or shared content or downloads they did not legally have the right to share.

In August of 2018, Google rolled out an algorithm called Medic. Its name suggested it would significantly impact the medical and health industries, but its reaches were a lot broader than most people anticipated.

The Sites That Were Affected Most

While Medic did affect health related websites, it managed to catch a whole host of niches in its grasp. People have speculated that Medic seems to have the largest impact on YMYL sites. YMYL (Your Money, Your Life) sites deal with health, safety, news, and money.

Misinformation and unreliable advice, and skewed reporting are a huge problem on the internet. They become a catastrophic problem when they lead people to significantly mismanage their money, dissuade people from seeking medical attention, or vote in elections based on falsehoods.

Medic is designed to determine if the people providing this information are actually qualified to provide it. Google wants to bury websites that might adversely affect people’s money and lives by establishing the expertise, authority, and trust of the people who are reporting or providing advice on these sensitive topics. In this respect, Medic is a long overdue update that will make people’s lives better.

Putting Out Expertise, Authority And Trust Signals

First and foremost, you need to be sure that you’re providing responsible and well researched information to people. If you aren’t, there’s not much you can do to artificially improve your standing. Outside of being honest, there are a few more mandatory steps to take.

Make Your Website Safe

Your website needs to be HTTPS. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to accomplish with that website. Plain old HTTP websites simply don’t cut it anymore. In addition to SSL security, you’ll also need a clearly defined privacy policy. Be transparent about what you’re doing with user information. By mandating that users utilize a variety of characters, numbers, and symbols in their passwords, you’re reducing the risk that accounts may become compromised.

Get Verified

You want as many real people as possible to attest to the fact that you’re legitimate. There are several ways to approach getting the masses on your side. If you can implement a testimonial or review feature, it’s easier to prove you’re legitimate. Any kind of positive user engagement shows that you deserve a great reputation.

Verifying the people who work for you or write for your website adds another layer of trust. If your experts and specialists have bios where they’re able to list their educational and background information, the entire internet will know why they can trust what they’re reading.

Any credentials or special qualifications you have should be clearly displayed on your website. If you were ever featured on TV or in a major publication, don’t be afraid to show it off.

Collaborate With Well Known People

If you can score a guest post or a piece of unique content written by a leader in your industry, you’re able to establish trust through that person. Their willingness to participate in your website is almost the same as vouching for you. Simply being tied to a reputable entity can do a lot to establish your E-A-T factors.

Keep Knowledgeable People On The Front Lines

Have a chat feature or a method for immediate contact. If you always have a real person available, people will be able to assess your credibility quickly. They’ll know there are people on the other side and that those people have the answers they need. Live chat is becoming increasingly more popular – make sure you implement it before your competitors do.

Need Some Help With SEO?

Constant Google updates make requirements hard to keep up with. Thankfully, that’s exactly what Tucson SEO Pros does. If you want to maximize your expertise, authority, and trust, we’ll be able to create a solution for you. All you need to do is contact us.