But what if you could hire professional, reliable, results-driven experts that can do SEO just right and rank your business higher than ever?

If you have an email, chances are you receive at least one (and that’s it if you’re very, very lucky) spam offer from an SEO service provider that you’ve never heard of per week, and they promise you the world. Millions of visitors. Money raining from the sky. Killing off the competition with one swift, deadly move and being crowned the king of your industry.

Unfortunately, thanks to people like this, many business owners lose faith in the whole SEO approach. But the truth is this: if done right, SEO is one of the best ways to position your company as a leader in the market.

Tucson SEO Pros – SEO Done Right

Most SEO scammers count on cheap tricks to get you quick results that may show up in carefully framed stats, but won’t show up in sales or profits. In fact, those cheap tricks may end up hurting your business, because Google has a way of “catching” them and punishing the websites. Which is why we don’t do this. We do things differently.

Here’s the deal with Google: it doesn’t always rank the best companies on top. It has no way of knowing that your products or services are absolutely amazing, unless you tell it. It has no way of knowing that you offer exactly what people are looking for, unless you tell it. It has no way of knowing that you’re the best choice in the industry when it comes to value for money, unless you tell it.

Ultimately, that’s what good SEO is about. Google speaks a different language from you and me. It responds to certain words, to certain technical adjustments, to certain credibility factors that we know and use to your advantage.

In short, we translate your awesomeness so that Google gets it. Here’s how we do that:

We start with a thorough analysis of your website, using a customized approach and considering factors specific to your industry. This is where we determine exactly what you need.

We identify the right keywords and phrases, and write engaging copy incorporating these words in a natural, non-obvious search engine friendly way. We use enough keyword density to get Google’s attention, but not too much as to alienate potential clients.

We make sure your site is connected to the web through authoritative, niche relevant backlinks.
We keep your website up to date with the latest industry updates and SEO trends.

We saw the need for trustworthy, best practices SEO services a long time ago. Hardworking entrepreneurs deserve professional help when trying to master their online presence and that’s what we wanted to provide. That’s what moves us forward.

It took us a while to form the dream team and create Tucson SEO Pros for what it is today, but it was worth it. We’re reminded it was worth it everyday, and especially when we get amazing feedback.

We work with a lot of clients who previously had chosen other SEO companies based on price alone and it was a disaster. We take the time to walk you through our processes, explain it all and ensure you make the best decision for your business.

Why SEO?

If you had a brick and mortar store or an office that’s not in the right location, it would be difficult to move it. But a website that doesn’t show up when people are looking for what you sell? That’s a much easier fix.

Let us move your business out of “I didn’t know this existed” corner and into the spotlight, where top businesses deserve to be.

It’s as simple as contacting us and telling us a bit more about your company, your website and your short term and long-term goals. We would review all this and send you a custom offer and a timeframe. We will always offer what we honestly think is best for our clients given their specific circumstances.

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