Backlinks make you a part of the internet. Without them, Google won’t understand that you’ve established yourself as a trustworthy authority in Tucson in your niche. Frantically attempting to get some backlinks is unlikely to become the answer to that problem, because not all backlinks hold the same significance.

Google doesn’t just want backlinks. They want relevant backlinks from other high quality, established websites. You’re better off getting one excellent backlink than five subpar backlinks. Understanding how to measure the value of those backlinks and knowing exactly how much they’re worth will help you create a successful backlink strategy for SEO.

The Value Of Links

Quality backlinks come from sites that already have tons of quality backlinks. All you need to do is find out how many quality backlinks that site has built. Sometimes, that’s easy to do. You already know that websites like Forbes, HuffPost, and Hubspot are great places to get your link. Other websites may not be as apparent. Check a sites ranking to see how close to the top it is. Always choose sites that rank closer to the top.

Where The Link Is Located

Google checks for links in content, and values them much more than footer links or navbar links. That’s why guest posts are the easiest way to get backlinks. Provide content for the website, incorporate your link into that content, and everything is as it should be. As long as your links are in the body of the site, they’ll count.

Do Follow vs No Follow Links

Websites can use a piece of code to tell Google what to do with the link. Do follow links are the only ones that count. They’re telling Google that they should pay attention to that link, and that’s where the value comes in. No follow links don’t have any value. Google has been told to completely disregard them. They may create a little bit of website traffic in the event that people click them, but that’s about as far as the benefits go.

Building Great Backlinks

The best types of backlinks are the ones that are easy to spread. If they spread, you’re getting SEO benefits and traffic generating benefits at the same time. The most useful types of backlinks are the ones that will give you the most about of benefits.

Backlinks From Guest Blogging

Websites need to post fresh content every day in order to stay relevant. Since demand for new content is high and creating it is so time consuming, many websites offer people the opportunity to submit guest posts relevant to their blogs. Since you’re providing a post for free (in most cases – some websites do pay for high quality guest posts), you’re often allowed to include a backlink of your choice in the content or as part of a byline.

Backlinks For Free Resources

There are countless reasons why websites should provide a free resource. For one, high free resources immediately solve pain points for people. You won’t be begging for traffic if you have something that everyone needs. Another equally important reason is that great free resources are often shared, so your backlinks might even appear out of thin air.

In addition to the near instant popularity free resources can help you achieve, you’re also being presented with an amazing opportunity to boost conversions and see some cashflow. By offering a paid version of the free tool, even if it’s inexpensive, you’re likely to make a few bucks. People who really love the free version will feel more inclined to pull out their wallets for the paid version.

Backlinks For Editorial Mentions

If your content marketing game is strong, it’s relatively easy to obtain editorial backlinks. These spread like wildfire when an industry gamechanger creates or provides something that gains a lot interest very quickly. Everyone will be talking about the thought provoking or revolutionary piece of content you’ve created, and websites will want to talk about it. While editorial mentions are easier said than done, they’re wildly effective backlinks to have.

What You Should Never Do

Bad backlinks will have the opposite effect of good backlinks. Paying for backlinks will always end poorly. Google has made it clear that if you’re discovered to have purchased backlinks, they’re going to knock you for it. Spamming your link on forums will also backfire. If your link seems to spread in a way Google feels is designed to circumvent their system, they can and will catch you.

Getting The Backlinks You Need

Creating an effective backlink strategy can be complicated. It’s very challenging to manage short-tail and long-tail keywords while you’re doing a backlinks campaign. You should follow a backlink strategy that will help you with your rankings and organic traffic. If you don’t have the time to do it on your own, we can always help. We’re the SEO experts in Tucson – we already know exactly what we need to do to establish valuable backlinks for your website. All you need to do is contact us.