Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Services Tucson, AZ

Aside from developing websites and ranking your site on Google with the right SEO keywords, Tucson SEO Pros is also offering two unique services: Google AdWords advertising and Facebook advertising. What exactly are these two and how can it help your business?

Google, Bing, Yahoo PPC


The first four spots on Google and Bing are now paid advertisements. When the ads appeared to the right of the search, they were easy to differentiate from the organic searches. Now, even though they are clearly marked at paid advertisements, they are placed in such a way that they are almost indistinguishable from the organic listings. This is one of the many ways Google is valued more highly than the GDP of many countries of the world.

So even if you are number one in organic searches, you appear below the 4 paid ads on top and the maps listings. There is a growing perception is that you are 6th in the rankings.

Estimates vary that from 20-30% of the searches, paid ads are clicked.

I see so many SEO firms saying that Adwords is only a short-term solution. It’s to get you clicks now while you’re waiting for your SEO organically grown internet garden to sprout. With the changes in the past couple of years, Google has made that argument harder to make.

Though, I know why they make that argument. It’s because they have to turn over a huge portion of the money being spent over to Google. While SEO is extremely labor intensive and there is money being spent to optimize in the background, it’s a much higher profit margin than PPC. But don’t tell anyone I told you this, okay?


Facebook Ads

We are inveterate Facebook page admins. We have been the admin of over a dozen FB pages since 2008. We have seen the whole game change.

Since around 2014, we have found that the average post on Facebook by a page will be shown or served to about 10% of the people who follow your page. These are your audience. They took the time to like your page and are interested in your message, but it’s only going to be seen by about 10% of them, unless you pay Facebook to reach them.

Do You Want To Grow Your Facebook Following?

So if I have 1000 followers, about 100 will see it! I’ll just grow my following.

Even Tougher Still.

Sure, you may have a lot of friends on Facebook and many former customers you would like to get in front of, but there are only so many times you can hit the invite friends to your page. We have found your friends don’t translate into page followers. Again, our own experience, is around 25% with maxing out the “invite friends” feature.

We have found that your audience will grow about 2% monthly organically to a page that is posting constantly and has an active community. And that is posting about 3 times a day. Posting 3 times a week? Forget about it. You’ll be buried, forgotten and screaming into the void.

The only way to grow the community quickly is to advertise with Facebook with a campaign to grow likes.

But I sell a service and I don’t care about Facebook as a community. I just want business.

Then Facebook advertising is really for you.

Facebook collects information about sites that people visit. All these sites that have the like us, or serve content directly from Facebook are giving them a window into the browsing habits of consumers. They can target ads incredibly well and they are inexpensive.

You can choose what you want your ads to do. You can boost a post, target for likes on your page, advertise your website or a landing page.

And the amount of targeting options are dizzying. Household income, gender, marital status, political preference. You name what you want. Facebook knows all and it can bring you those people.